Blake Schroeder
Founding Partner, Intoria Internet Architects

Simply put, Chad knows his stuff. His marketing communication and strategy plans that he's put together for my business and those of my clients are brilliant and effective.

Clarke Schroeder
Owner, Intoria Internet Architects

I remember the first time I hired Chad Hason as a marketing consultant for my company. I had heard of his recent and impressive successes with both starter brands and high level, national accounts, and wanted to see his work first-hand. I am thrilled to report that his creativity did not disappoint and the depth of his investment into the research and strategy for a variety of my clients was second to none.


We have since hired him several times with consistent results far exceeding our goals each time we’ve done business together. I could not recommend a business acquaintance higher than Chad. He has high integrity and his ideas work. His creative is refreshingly unique, witty, and founded upon strong fundamentals. His long string of results are, well-deservedly, becoming known and I am only too happy to recommend him.

Lisa Loewen-Lyttle

Owner, Ellements Group

Candid Marcom has been instrumental in helping my company's growth!


I'm excited to be partnered with such a great firm to grow my digital marketing efforts.

Laura Callow
VP Marketing, Revenuewire

Chad is, without doubt, the most gifted branding strategist and copy writer I have worked with to-date.


He is intellectually and creatively empathetic and is a bastion for creative discovery and intelligence gathering and interpretation. Chad's ability to dive into a brand's potential from the most precipitous naming stage, to the creation of lasting, consumer centric value propositions, and into value-added content for retention, is unsurpassed. He is a brilliant strategist in terms of brand building for businesses, and his skills are equitably matched across the consumer decision making journey, from the awareness stage to the purchase funnel call to action, and beyond into effective email marketing targeted at real, metrics based results.


It is a true pleasure to work with Chad who not only epitomises professionalism, but also has a work ethic and level of quality that is rarely found.

Tyler Chisholm
CEO, ClearMotive Marketing Group

Chad uses his passion for the truth, his raw talent and his years of experience to create a level of skill that amazes me on a daily basis.


I strongly recommend Chad if you want to dispense with the fluff and dig into what really matters when it comes to setting brands up for success.

Jeff Woods
Owner, Woods Creative

Woods Creative uses Chad from Candid MarCom on a regular basis for a number of projects that require a copy editor before a layout, design or advertisement goes to print.


Chad's attention to detail and professionalism makes him an integral part of our business process. I would highly recommend Candid MarCom and Chad to anyone that needs a strong copy editor for their business.

Karl Yeh
Digital Communications and Regional Marketing Lead

Working as a content contributor for the Calgary Region's content marketing program, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Chad. He has the ability to weave a story for any topic we asked him to write for. He also has a knack for turning his words into a visual picture for his readers, as if the reader at the actual event or destination. 

As a writer, Chad was very easy to work with and made significant contributions to story development. If I were a business looking for a knowledgeable and well-versed marketer and/or content developer he would definitely be one of the first people on my list.

Ryan Tremblay
Senior Developer at Lux Marketing Group Inc

In my 15 years in this industry, I’ve never worked with a writer more efficient, pragmatic and on-point.


Chad has a unique skill for getting to the core message that needs to be expressed and puts it into the most articulate and appropriate wording.

Maureen Antonello
My Mother 

I am not surprised that Chad has carved out for himself a career in Marketing and Communications.


He was born talking! From a very young age, he was able to speak in full sentences, even with a soother in his mouth. Right from his early years onward he has had the uncanny ability to communicate and relate to all types and ages of people. I see Chad as personable, witty, intelligent, imaginative, positive, sensitive, considerate, and sincere. I still marvel at his natural ability to discern what makes people tick and their basic core needs.


What more can I say!? I love him!!!


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