User Experience Failure and other Brand Boners

Do you? Do you really?

This type of mistake (albeit, not often so hilariously) happens all the time on websites, business communication materials and on social media posts.

A message, be it in-your-face or subliminal, that overshadows that which the brand wanted to communicate.

I'm talking about spelling mistakes on a resume or a broken link - something that makes the experience no longer worth genuine consideration.

It's that image or experience that turns you off of something, even when you haven't, admittedly, given it the chance to tell its true story.

We all judge books by their covers, and we all prefer the path of least resistance when it can be justified. And yet so many brands fail to consider their audiences before posting a sticker they haven't reviewed properly right in plain view for the masses to judge.

In marketing, we call this careful consideration of all messages and brand representations the view from outside the bottle; the idea that while whatever is inside the bottle knows the truth about its contents, it knows nothing of what the label reads.

To obtain a true picture of your brand image, you must combine what you know internally with a third-person, professional review of your existing brand marketing, in an effort to justify its tone, wording, story and sales funnel against recognized business goals and identified audience preferences.

If you have never had an experienced marketing expert review your brand and brand platform strategies, even your best efforts may end up boning the dog.

Don't take a chance on SEO/SEM, User Experience and Brand Strategy. Get a no-charge consultation today from Candid Marcom!

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