How I Met Your Mother (the marketing version)

I'm about to become a father for the first time.

It really is incredible what can happen in a year.

I met my wife (and mother of my soon-to-be son) when her and her friends decided to prank call me on a Tuesday night a little over two years ago.

Posing as a representative of the Humane Society - she questioned whether or not I had time to participate in a short survey, and as an animal lover (as well as a single, flirty dude that liked her voice) I obliged.

She was weird. Amazingly so.

I had never spoken with someone so capable of putting me at a loss for words. She didn't simply give me a run for my money - she had me wrapped around her finger, and we hadn't even met.

She hadn't even given me her real name, pretending instead to be a wamon named 'Shirley'.

I finally convinced her to meet me in person late 2013 (she agreed to a 5 min drink with her friend waiting outside). Four hours later, we stumbled out of the restaurant joined in our realization that while we could definitely go many, many more days without more tequila, we couldn't go another day without more of each other.

She moved in with me six months later.

I asked her to marry me at the front door of the house we bought, and were married in, last year.

Our son is due soon and we (along with our two dogs) couldn't be more excited.

It was destiny - but honestly, how the hell did that happen?

What are the chances? I'll tell you - it works out to be about 1 in 345,700,999. Amazing.

The truth is, it shouldn't have happened - like Trump or Selfie Sticks - and yet it did happen, and now it represents the most valued relationship I have.

And in a month, I'll be meeting another person that will instantly (I'm told) become the new most important relationship I'll have ever had.

And I'm going to tell you how I beat all the odds to make these two blessings occur...

I was ready.

First things first - I had a profile on and when I received an email from a girl mid-2013 that preferred to text - I obliged - even though things quickly fizzled out after that.

Close to four months later, when I got a call from a nice-sounding woman - I stayed on the line and answered all her questions. I played her game and made sure I spoke her language in order to keep her calling back.

I was patient. I pushed to meet her one-on-one only after I had made her laugh and showed her that I was someone she could trust.

When I got a date - I made the most of it.

It all started with my profile.

My wife was not an avid online dater. The account she used was a joke - and her intentions were not to buy what I was selling.

So what?

Marketing is about making someone feel something new - strategically introducing them to that which, once they understand it, becomes something they need.

In order to do that, you must get their attention, yes, but much more importantly - be ready.

Be ready by laying the groundwork to be found, recognized for your true value and approachable enough that all existing fears or preconceived notions fall away.

I am not saying there is a way to be perfect for everyone. I am saying that once you know who you are going after, you must do the prework to ensure you appeal to them when they eventually come looking - and they will.

I see so many brands with websites, marketing campaigns, social media platforms and Adwords campaigns that fail to consider the need to be ready to cater to their dream audience.

Their user experience, lack of knowledge about what their clients like or how they need to be dealt with, almost certainly rules them out as an option for potential, valuable relationships.

If my profile didn't make me look approachable, if I said no to the inconvenience of that first prank call, if I grew tired of how often she called without agreeing to meet, or if I had, when we first met, showed up dressed like a hipster-doofus, I may have never met her.

Are you ready for your audience to find you?

Your company is me, two years ago - my wife is your future customer that's about to see you from a distance and decide whether or not to give you the time of day.

Is your website ready?

If it isn't - you are missing all kinds of opportunities to meet "the one" (and the ones after that).

I can help.


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