Leth get therios about your brand's voith!

I used to have quite a lisp.

Kids at school used always asked me if I was wearing a retainer, but alas - I was blessed with perfect teeth.

Thing was, it wasn't until kids at school mocked me openly on the playground that I realized my voice was anything other than what I heard in my own head.

It's something we all go through at some point in our life - the shock of hearing our own voice on a recording.

"I sound like that??"

Yes you do - and I hope for your sake, finding out didn't involve children circling you and chanting "He sells sea shells down by the gay store".

Kids are cruel - they have the ability to cut right to your weakest trait and use it to define you.

The same can be said for your brand's audience.

You may not be speaking to kids, but that doesn't mean adults can't be equally judgemental and harsh. (Ever watch 'The Real Housewives of Some Rich Street'? Those women are awfully harsh, yet they represent incredible consumers)

Today, even real people have access to all kinds of options, and with an attention span that can barely make it through the first five seconds of a pre-video ad, you better make sure your voice doesn't present you as some kid sporting a haircut from home and an ill-fitting retainer.

In marketing, it's commonly referred to as "the view from outsode the bottle".

The idea is that wine inside a bottle certainly knows more about what makes it amazing than anyone outside the bottle ever could - but it has no idea what its own label reads.

However, that label is what the majority of those who have never tried the wine rely on tell its story.

Too often I come across clients that have created all their own messages, website copy, social media content - even their name, slogan and logo - without any help from a professional second opinion.

It makes sense to them, and it is exactly what they want to be known for - in fact, it even reads beautifully in their head - but it fails in its delivery.

It fails because it refused to consider the chance that what's on the label, in no way reflects what's in the bottle.

I can help. Theriouthly!

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