Do you or do you not need pants?


A lot of people tell me that they don't need SEO. I tend to look at them the same way I remember my mom looking at me when I was six or seven and I told her I didn’t need a coat.

For those of you who don't know - SEO, or search engine optimization, is exactly what it says it is:

The practice of making Google want to recommend you to anyone that is looking for what you do.

Like when you pay your buddy to tell his super hot sister that he saw you in the shower after PE and you would be "totally worth it".

(I said 'you', because I never did that. Michael Knighton is a liar, and a horrible wing man.)

Anyway - SEO isn't really an option so much as a cost to participate.

It's like saying that lighting isn't a requirement in your store or that arms aren't needed when Arsenio Hall walks on stage - you are right, technically - but you are ‘doing it wrong’.

Similar to how properly filling out the forms the nurse gives you in the waiting room gets you in to see the doctor - so too does understanding the basics of SEO qualify you to see Google - to tell him what you have and how you got it.

It isn't a money grab - it's the cost to play. And if you have a website, you are playing whether you like it or not.

What you should know is that there are magical tags and copy that you need to attach appropriately and strategically to your website to make sure that Google recognizes what you do.

Once set-up, you instantly achieve what your competitors have let go to waste - the chance to climb the rankings ladder.

After you are setup - you can track the actions of your competitors, get tips on minor changes to your content and layout that will put you ahead - and if you have an appetite for faster results - what it would take to simply pay to be the first for specific searches.

Either way - it isn't expensive to hire a professional to do this for you - as long as you choose someone that can do it without charging the equivalent of a mortgage payment.

You simply need someone to explain the ‘why’ behind your SEO actions – and the value becomes painfully obvious.

That's the computer-speak side.

Once you finally get people on your site - you can decide to follow best-practice user experience by hiring a professional to guide your content and layout - or you can put up a single page of jargon approved by three lawyers and written by your president's niece (she does Goth poetry, mostly, but we want to try and push her in a more professional direction).


User Experience is another post entirely...

At least with proper SEO set-up, you'll finally have your hand up when Google says - "Yo, who wants this?"

Need help? I can help!

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