Keys? Two. Optimized user experience.

How many keys do you currently have on your keychain?

What about non-key related objects? Do you have many of those?

Let me ask you this, how many items do you have on your keychain right now that you don't use more than 5 times a week?

My keychain has two keys on it (car and house) and a multitool that offers something to hold as well as providing me with a screwdriver, knife, ruler and bottle opener for life's spontaneous challenges.

If I was to ever toss you my keys and ask you to do anything they allow a person to do - you would be able to figure it out immidietly. Car trunk - got it. Cut that string, no problem. Open the front door of the house - it's obvious which key I should use - got it.

Now let's take a look at my wife's keychain shall we?

My wife's keychain has much, much more. There are keys, plenty of them. And not just keys she needs today or tomorrow - no her keys act as a testament to all the past relationships she used to have with a variety of clubs, locks and doorways.

Sometimes I ask her to bring her keys to bed so I can roleplay as a dungeoun master/janitor/stallion.

In addition to the keys, we she has a variety of charms, chains, rings, fluffy toys and membership cards that also act as a daily reminder of everyone she knows and everywhere she's been.

It holds everything she values from working keys she needs, to memories she holds onto to outdated items that are easier left on than taken off (I mean who wants to pry open a keychain ring with pretty nails)?

And you know what - that's fine. It's her own little mess and she loves it. Besides, nobody else uses her keys.

I mean, it's not as if her keys are her website.

Ahhhhh - ha - this blog IS about marketing!

Now that you've read this far you may as well stay with me.

Let's take a look at your brand's website, social media and marketing campaigns.

How easy would it be to "toss" your website to a complete stranger and have them understand exactly what and how to do something with it?

How much of your website is up there for you? How many frilly nothings and outdated touchpoints exist?

Why is everything on your website there? Every button, word, page and picture should be understood, valued and necessary!

Are you focused on providing a quick and easy user experience or are you willing to turn people off with long copy, confusing paths to purchase, broken links and a complete lack of calls to action??

I can help!

#userexperience #pathtopurchase #webstrategy #CANDID #CandidMarketing #calgarymarketing

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