Can you handle your audience better than anyone else?

As I watched my beloved Nucks take the ice against the Penguins last week, I was treated to the endless talk of Crosby's scoring woes, a few interviews with Murph and eventually (due to the Penguins geographical specifics) both the US and Canadian anthems.

Unfortunately, my beloved Mark Donnelly was nowhere to be seen, and instead a new gentleman took up the mic.

Away team first - as is the tradition - but instead of respectfully hitting all the notes and moving on the anticipated home team anthem - their guy did his own Marriah Carrey/Jamie Foxx

impression, warbling the long notes and taking rapid-fire creative shots in a number of keys throughout.

Dude - what are you doing?

The home team should get the show - not the other guys.

And when did an anthem become the time for some dude or dudette to show off their amazing chops?

Just sing it well, try not to forget the words or fall down - and let's get on with the game.

If you must put on a show - make sure you do it for the team that paid you to come down. The team that lives in the country you are singing about - the team that could (especially this year) use all the home ice advantages available.

Here you are making the opponent's team sound like it's more worth singing about then where we all pay to live!

Can I be Candid? Know your damn audience!

Here's a classic mistake brands make online everyday - and it's super promenent with website links.

Let's assume you have a website, and by some divine miracle (or Candid Marcom strategy...) there exists an engaged audience on your site.

Here, you have your audience right where you want them, interacting with your brand as they slowly make their way down the sales funnel, when all of a sudden - bam - you give them a link that takes them away from your site and disrupts their path to purchase...

Say 'bye-bye' to the easily-distracted 99% of the population.

They will no doubt still find whatever they are looking for, but all you can do in the meantime is hope some kind website sends them back your way - cough - because ... yeah.

"But Chad, I was told linking is a good thing!"

It is my friends, it is.

But what you need to consider is the proper time and place for your links.

Too often I see websites with distracting links throughout their copy or with huge social icons at the top of their home page, competing with their main navigation bar - and winning.

Why send them to another site, or even to your social media when they (most likely) just got to your website?

Yes we get it, you are connected in all the right ways - but the strategy you are deploying to get clients where you can most influence them is comparable to a store owner replacing their retail staff with more outdoor billboards.

You're like Tommy Boy - with his pretty little pet.

That's not a link either - jeez, are you even listening?

Confused? You shouldn't be.

Let me help you understand more about user experience and how to maximize the true value of your online tools.

Don't spend your hard earned time and money paying to have some clown practice their falsetto during your brand's anthem!

Oh, BTW - here's the real Tommy Boy scene link for you to enjoy. Happy Monday!

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