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I love daytime television. I don't get to watch it very often, but when I do, it never disappoints.

Whether it's Maury Povitch testing some 'lady' for the fifth time to determine her baby daddy, Judge Judy refusing to listen to her guests as she barely manages to stifle her rage before the first commercial break, or the adults screaming and jumping for the chance to bid during a showcase showdown on Drew Carry's Price is Right - I love it all!

But perhaps the best thing about daytime television is the commercials. If you want to see a true showcase of advertisers understanding their market - watch some daytime television.

They don't even pretend not to pander to the common denominator of their audience.

"Are you sitting on the couch, watching life pass you by?"

"Do you wish you could get a job, but have no time to go to school?"

"Were you injured in an accident and the insurance companies are making you wait for your well-deserved cash?"

"Do you wish you could buy a car with bad or zero credit?"

"Are you looking for insurance for your car and need it in the next three minutes?"

"Were you recently charged with a DUI and want a lawyer you can trust?"

"Do you suffer from depression? Or are you overweight and tired of exercise?"

...or my personal favourite, Jerry Springer's future guest call-outs:

"Are you a bi-racial, trans-gender, pregnant teen who thinks their boyfriend might be cheating on you with your sister's SmartCar? Do you consider a free trips and some short-term fame a fair trade for your dignity? Call us!

For those of us only home for a sick day, or a stay at home parent, these commercials may ot resonate, but as an advertiser you have to respect the fact that this is the one time of the day when brands do know how to speak to the remaining, couch potato percentage of their audience.

What if I told you that talking to your brands audience can, and should be just as painfully niche?

You too should know your audience and their behaviours if you want to ensure a match between your message and the group that values it most. People should be able to picture the type of person you are talking to, or find it laughable if they aren't the intended audience.

Everyone is not your audience! Seth Godin gets credit for the words but the concept is painfully obvious. If you aren't turning someone off, you aren't turning anyone on.

You are vanilla - fat free and generic brand (with freezer burn).

Stop settling for a vanilla brand offering.

Let me help you find your slutty teen that gets jealous of ridiculous-looking vehicles - and then help you talk to her just the way she likes. And let's (tastefully) offend the shit out of everyone else!

I offer strategic methodology, detailed analytic software, audience behaviour tracking and competitive reviews that can help you first drill down your unique value, who cares about what you offer, where they hang out and what they need to hear to act.

For a free evaluation of your brand, your current actions and the opportunities that are available to you in this area - give me a shout today!

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