Three words to never use

People always ask me how they can write better.

Well, actually, it was one time. Anyway, I have some advice for writers who feel their writing lacks strength.

And no it has nothing to do with 'there', 'their' and 'they're' or 'its' and 'it's' or any other common grammar correction some people point out to feel superior (Especially us writers - that's like crack to us)

The words I'd recommend removing from your vocab are:

Very - the reason is simple: when 'good' wasn't good enough we created the word 'great'. When that failed to capture it we went with 'superior'. Eventually 'spectactular', 'mind-boggling' and 'amaze-a-ballz' made an appearance.

The point is, there's a word for that - use it. Very doesn't add - it takes away.

Still don't believe me? Try adding another 'very'. See how weird that looks? Your very is only half that weird.

Just - Just what?? Just say it.

It's a word that takes whatever you are saying, and minimalizes its effect.

Most commonly and appropriately used when patronizing, deceiving or straight-up dismissing some thing, or person or task.

Go ahead - say a phrase that includes the word 'just' in it to yourself.

See? It's hard to say it and seem both sincere and unselfish. I guarantee that if you remove it from your copy, it will strengthen your tone of voice.

And yes, I've notified Nike.

Moist - this word is gross people. It shouldn't be used in social situations.

Even if you're asked to describe a delicious cupcake or brownie - don't use it.

Notice how I haven't used it more than once for this blog?


Need help determining the right words for your brand's audience? There are all types of things you could be saying that are currently making others cringe...

I can help. I'm Candid.

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