Hi, I'm Chad, let's get married!

Hi, I'm Chad, nice to meet you.

I was hoping, now that you've stopped by my blog, that we could start making plans for our wedding - gay or straight, I'm in... for life!

What do you mean I'm weirding you out?

Don't leave!! I have a mortgage broker waiting to speak to us and my mom wants to tell you all about the names she likes best for our first three children...!

I'm joking, of course.

But the sad truth is that this conversation happens every day between brands and potential customers. Except it goes a little like this:

Hi. Thanks for stopping by.

Can I interest you in becoming my client for the next year? The cost is $300/month but if you give me a year's worth today it's only $6K!"

What do you mean, "no"?

"Wait where are you going?? I have great ideas for your business...!"

Can I be Candid?

Nobody wants the hard sell on the first 'date', and yet so many brands attempt to do just that. Instead of proving their value and convincing people of the right-fit match between their offering and the customer's needs, they dive right into an offer that neither one is really ready for.

The truth is that most of us are 'just looking'. Whether we are online, in the mall or looking through a flyer or magazine, we aren't looking to buy - we are simply looking to be intrigued.

We want to see what's out there, but we don't want to be forced to buy the cow after just one sip of milk.

That's why the most successful brands find ways to date their clients for a while before they try to sell them on the big purchase or decision - even if the brand already knows it has exactly what that person wants.

It's not exactly the same as playing hard to get, it's more like quitting while you are ahead, leaving them impressed and wanting more.

Once your value is proven, you won't have to sell, you'll just have to be available when they decide they are ready for some of your sweet, sweet action.

There are many ways you can do this in the digital space - they include splintered offerings, content marketing and understanding the science behind user experience and the path to purchase.

Fortunately for you, I understand them all and can explain them to you in detail, free of charge. Just give me a call - I'd love to go for coffee sometime and begin to show you just how attractive working with me could be - you know, when you are ready.

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