Who cares?

We've all seen that 'unique' couple. They may not be attractive in the traditional Hollywood couple Brangalena or Bennifer sense, in fact, their style might make you cringe - but the fact remains that at some point in their lives they took one look at each other and said - yup, that works for me!

Heck, I once saw a couple on TV that liked to pretend they were both cats - they drank milk and chased yarn and were genuinely thrilled to be in each other's company.

Can I be Candid?

As a dog person I was turned off completely, but as a brand strategist I couldn't help but feel warm inside. These freaks found each other - and in the end, isn't that perfect fit what we are all (both individuals and brands) looking to find?

Dating sites like Christian Mingle, Seeking Millionairre and Cougar Life are great at connecting those who are looking for, and value the same things - but who is ensuring unique brands and those who value what they offer are finding each other?


If I can find my overweight friend Ruprict someone willing to look past his fear of clouds and addiction to whistling off key, I can find the right audience for your brand's message, no matter how unique, competitive or niche your offering may be.

All jokes aside, I have the experience, software and certifications required to narrow your brand's appeal down to a specific type of audience, and then strategize with you to ensure you connect with this group on even the tightest budget.

So, if you like churnning butter and how soft a bonnet feels when it rubs against your beard, you should check out Amishdating.com - but if you are a brand looking to define your value and sell it to a qualified and invested audience - give me a call today!

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