There's a Seinfeld episode for that

I've always said that every situation in life can be explained using a Seinfeld episode example.

Let's put that to the test.

The Soup Nazi

A classic example of how you must research your audience to see what they value before you try to connect or compel them to act in your favour.

The Contest

Delayed gratification isn't easy. But the longer you hold out, building that relationship and providing value prior to the ask, the more satisfying that final sale will be. Are you master of your domaine? And it's user experience?

Valet with B.O.

It only takes one bad experience to tarnish an otherwise stellar brand. And if you don't deal with it properly, you run the risk of devaluing both your business, and anyone that has connected to you in good faith.

The Junior Mint

Don't force your brand offering too soon - even if it is something you think your audience needs. The result can be a bad experience they connect to your brand long-term, crippling your ability to appeal to them.

The Parking Garage

Just like a mall parking lot, the Internet can be a confusing place that can be hard to navigate if you don't have the proper tools to track progress and compare options. Sometimes you need an expert to take the time to show you around - before your fish die.

Yada Yada Yada

Don't expect people to read or listen to everything you have to say. Make sure your point is clear and that your message is skimmable. Don't bury your lead and always adhere to best-practice storytelling.

The Puffy Shirt

Don't expect people to be anything but shallow. Sure you may have a high-value offering, but if you don't package it correctly, people may be distracted by the wrapping. (this is also the low-talker episode - make sure you speak up and say what you mean; don't mumble or bury your message in boring or technical copy that nobody but you can understand)

The Chinese Restaurant

Be patient. The marketplace is full of competing messages, you won't always be first, but don't assume that just because it doesn't come immediately, that it won't come at all. Try a few things, provide value and stay on your audience's radar - when the time is right you'll hear the cry "Seinfeld, four". That's when you swoop down to eat!

Bizzaro Jerry

This world is a crazy big place with very different needs and wants across the board. Don't try to be someone else - be unique and be unrepentant for it - your perfect-fit clients are out there and with the right strategy, you can find them.

The Parking Space

Sometimes the best strategy is to stop wasting your time going after the same clients as everyone else. Take a step back and find a strategy that has you scooping up some of the marketplace nobody else is after. This is huge in digital PPC and AdWord marketing where non-strategic bidding strategies can result in smaller budgets being eaten up quickly.

I have more - but let's save them for another day.

If you need help in any of the above mentioned areas - please don't hesitate to call.

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