Don't let one mistake ruin your brand.

As I stood waiting for my Starbucks Cinnamon Dolche Latte (manly, I know) I couldn't help but notice the guy in front of me.

Can I be Candid?

It wasn't the fact that he was talking loudly on his cell that caught my attention, or even the fact that he was wearing a three piece custom-made suit complete with cufflinks and $100 haircut (although all those things were extremely impressive).

No, what caught my attention was the fact that he missed a belt loop.

There it was, like so many others I'd seen in the past, leather over loop, like a child too ADHD to colour in between the clearly defined lines of a colouring contest entry.

And there lies the problem with so many of today's brand and the marketing they perform - they forget to do a 360 degree review to ensure everything about what they present to the public is promoting the polished look they work so hard to promote - and sadly, it's usually the missed belt loop people remember, not the tailored suit.

Is your brand missing a belt loop? I would hate to think there's something about your website, social media, messaging or approach that is keeping people from accepting the true value of your brand.

Fortunately, there are people like me willing to help you understand the real image your brand is portraying to the public. Some call it the view from outside the bottle (the label versus the wine) others call it an expert second opinion - I call it what I do for a living.

If you'd like help understanding the reality of your current brand and the opportunity that exists for you to do better - give me a shout today!

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