Starter Pack

For those starting out fresh or changing course, Candid Marcom works with you to understand your business goals and ideal audience, identify the keywords and search terms that define your offering, and explain how to optimize your site using back end tagging, content and links.


Candid will set you on a course for success and show you how to ensure your efforts show measureable returns.

Brand Polish and SEO

You've already identified your keywords and the starter pack has you focused on a qualified audience - it's time to ensure you have taken advantage of all the opportunities available to you.


Candid Marcom will ensure your message, website user experience, social media strategy and content marketing evolve to remain current, comprehensive, engaging and connected to measurable goals. 

Progress Tracking

Whether you are agressively trying to outrank or outstrategize your competition, or just want to make sure you aren't falling behind or leaving any low-hanging fruit unexplored, Candid Marcom can keep you informed of your performance as well as provide strategic business, campaign and engagement analytics tracking at a pace and budget you're comfortable with.



Monthly and Quarterly Packages Available

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