Never-Ending Sales Event

VALID MARCH 25, 2016 - MAY 5, 2025

Includes Pleasant Emails and Coffee

Website | Social Media | Marketing

This 'coupon' is available to anyone, it's more of an offer than a coupon and nothing need be done except call or email Candid to redeem. There will be no skill-testing question associated with this coupon. Let's make the assumption that you did not try to cut this out (despite the dotted line and scissor icon)proof positive that you qualify for this offer - oh - and that you have a brand or brand plan that you want to review. While this offer has no monetary, per se, it represents a priceless opportunity that should not be passed up!  

"What Can a Brand Review Do For Me?"

- You. (If you don't know)

Your brand is the image you portray to the public, specifically, your qualified audience of current and future customers. 


It is affected by the words you use in your messaging, the design of your website, the content on your social media pages and the user experience you offer along the path to purchase.


Your brand is the most important sales force you have as it is always working on your behalf, 24/7, often without supervision.


So how do you make sure your brand is focused, and that the extensions of your brand are all doing their part to accurately communicate your strengths?


That's where a complete brand review comes in.


A brand review provides a third-person, objective and detailed review of how well your current brand efforts are working in favour of your business goals. 


A brand review can teach you what you don't know about opportunities to optimize your brand efforts by measuring the costs versus benefits for each option that exists.


Finally, a brand review can identify any errors, missteps or outdated messaging that requires fixing to ensure you always come across professional and engaged.


There is no cost for this review and no obligation to utilize my services for any of the opportunities uncovered in the results. 



You have nothing to lose... 

...and who knows - you might learn something valuable!